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Who we are

CT Hope House Inc is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation founded in 2022 by Richard DeJesus, who serves as the founder and CEO. Dedicated to transforming communities and fostering a new culture of engagement, activism, and neighborly support, our mission focuses on innovative initiatives, collaborative partnerships, empowerment, and continuous evaluation to bring about lasting positive change. We strive to break away from traditional approaches and address root causes of community challenges. Through mindset shifts, we empower individuals to become agents of change, promote social justice, and amplify diverse voices. Collaborating with local stakeholders and organizations, we maximize resources and create collective impact. Our events and gatherings facilitate dialogue and connection, strengthening social bonds and fostering a sense of belonging. We provide vital resources such as housing support, job training, and social services to empower individuals and contribute to community well-being. Continuous evaluation ensures our efforts remain effective and aligned with our mission. Together, we're passionate about revitalizing neighborhoods and empowering everyone to flourish. Join us in creating a future where unity and opportunity abound for all.

CT Hope House Inc has developed a diverse range of financial resources to support its mission and programs. These resources include:

  • Grants and Donations: We actively seek grants and donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals who align with our mission. Over the past year, we have successfully secured partnerships and funding from reputable organizations committed to our cause.

  • Fundraising Events.

  • Funding Strategies.

  • Relationship Building.

  • Sustainability Initiatives: We are committed to developing sustainable funding models for our organization. 

  • Diversification: We believe in diversifying our funding sources to reduce dependency on a single channel. By actively pursuing grants, donations, sponsorships, and other revenue streams, we can mitigate financial risks and maintain stability.

  • Budgetary Projections. 


In summary, our nonprofit organization has established a robust financial framework that encompasses diverse funding sources, strategic partnerships, and effective budgetary planning. Through these efforts, we aim to secure sustainable funding, expand our impact, and fulfill our mission of making a meaningful difference in the community.

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